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Design Inspiration: Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler Flgship Store on Melrose Avenue Kelly Wearstler Flagship Store on Melrose Avenue

Since she redesigned the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1999, Kelly Wearstler has become a design inspiration and a household name in the world of design, and more recently, fashion. This week, InsideSeen visited her flagship store on Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills.

Kelly Wearstler flagship entranceEntering Kelly Wearstler

From stunning ready-to-wear fashion, jewelry, furniture, home accessories, and “objects d’art” to the impeccably designed interior space, the flagship store is a testament to Wearstler’s diverse design abilities. The impeccable design of the store is something of a cross between a bohemian retailer, an avant garde art gallery, and a chic yet crowded home. The flagship is inviting and immediately gives the shopper an appreciation for Wearstler’s distinct oeuvre. Some of the items in the store are for sale while others aren’t. Wearstler does not change the merchandise on the regular seasonal fashion schedule, but rather adds pieces in a more organic way.

Wearstler's white mannequin positioned next to a sculpture

The flagship creates a shopping experience as unique as Wearstler. The mannequins (like the one shown above) are complimented by sculptures that take the shopper out of a traditional retail experience. The juxtaposition of the two human forms causes shoppers to examine their surroundings and seems to pose questions about the role of art and aesthetics in the retail experience.

Wearstler’s flagship, as well as her designs, are sure to continue to bring design inspiration. For more updates on the designer and her own inspirations, read her blog, My Vibe My Life; and stay tuned to InsideSeen and our blog for more dispatches from the world of design.

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Enter to Win $50 with InsideSeen on Twitter!

@InsideSeen on Twitter

Do you love saving BIG on designer fabrics? Want a chance to win a $50 FabricSeen gift card? We thought so! And now is your chance! All you have to do is follow @InsideSeen on Twitter and tweet @InsideSeen why you should be the winner of the gift card. It’s that simple.

Be creative with your entry. Tell us which fabric you would buy, what design plans you have, and feel free to include photos of your projects. In case you’re in need of some inspiration, check out some of our favorite fabrics below (you could even add this image of Vagabond fabric to your tweet).

Hurry the contest ends April 3, 2013!

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Set the Table with InsideSeen

With many spring holidays right around the corner (Passover even starts tonight at sundown), it’s time to turn out attention to setting the perfect holiday table. Let InsideSeen be your guide and your source to set the table this year.

Goliath Table, Resource Furniture, table, modern expansion table, set the table

First things first. Hopefully you already have a table, but in case you don’t we suggest the the Goliath Table by Resource Furniture, or another modern expansion table mentioned in our recent blog. The Goliath expands from a 17″ console table to an unbelievable 115″ long dining table, so it’s the perfect versatile table. And, expert tip: if you need to fit a few more people at your holiday table, consider using a bench instead of chairs to save space. Read more about it another recent post.

Now that you have your table squared away, you’ll need to cover it. We suggest using a runner so you don’t have to cover every inch of your beautiful new table. For an inspired idea, try creating a runner or tablecloth out of one of FabricSeen’s reversible fabrics. We all know it’s quite likely that Auntie Babs will spill her red wine on your tablecloth, but with a reversible tablecloth, you can just flip the cloth over, et voila, clean table!

colorful plate and platter to set the table

Next you’ll need actual table settings. We love the Klaus collection by Iittala available at Emmo Home. The Finnish- and Japanese-inspired design will add a pop of color to your table. And if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of a full set of china, complement the platter and salad plates with solid white or cream dishes to give the eye a resting point on your completed table.

modern white porcelain goblets, set the table

To draw out white plates and create a harmonious table, use the Thirsty Stemmed Glasses designed by Catherine Levy and Sigolene Prebois from Horne. With their slightly irregular shape and clear glazed porcelain, these versatile glasses can be used as goblets for wine or water, and they’re dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

modern stainless steel flatware

Of course you’ll need flatware and serving utensils. The Colombina Flatware available at A + R is a timeless and elegant award-winning set from world renowned couple Dorian and Massimiliano Fuksas. Stainless steel will give any table setting a modern look.

Modern napkins and napkin rings.

Because no table is complete without napkins and napkin rings, we suggest the fun and funky napkin set (with matching tablecloth) from Stodio Ooga and the Wood Veneer Napkin Rings, both available at A+R Store.

oven to table cookware

And finally, don’t forget one necessary step to a complete table setting, the food! Homemade meals are always a treat, and they are even more so when served in the oven to table cookware from A + R Store. Sagaform’s simple stoneware Oven to Table Serving Bowls can be set anywhere thanks to their wooden stands and are available in multiple sizes. Christian Bijorn for Menu’s Stackable Oven to Table Cookware lets you go from freezer to oven to table, and three stackable sizes allow for countless configurations in the oven and on the table. Scalloped cutouts allow air to circulate in the oven, ensuring evenly heated food.

Now time to enjoy a well-set table and a delightful holiday party. For more perfect pieces to set the table, shop AccessorySeen today!

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Serving up Spring with Trays

This year, the beginning of spring brings many festive occasions. Both Passover and Easter are right around the corner, and the warmer spring and summer months are sure to serve up some festive outdoor occasions (though you may need some outdoor fireplaces to keep warm). With much entertaining on the horizon, we’ve selected some of our favorite trays to help you become the host(ess) with the most(ess).

appetizer serving trayFor the perfect modern hors d’ouvres tray, try the pod3 tray from FTF Design Studio. This minimalist tray features three cut outs on one side that are complimented by a smooth, matte white flat space on the other. While any food you serve on the pod3 tray is sure to be appetizing, your guests may be more interested in the pod3’s beautiful, clean lines.

blue serving tray

The .5 tray, also from FTF Design Studio, is a versatile tray. Made from Corian and available in Snow White or Water, it can stand alone on a surface or can be carried by the cut out handles for easy mobility. This tray is the perfect for any party and makes transporting party supplies from room to room a breeze.

orange modern trays

If you’re seeking to add some instant vibrancy to your event, consider the CM04 ITO tray from designer Philipp Mainzer for e15 found at Context. This folded powder coated steel aluminum tray is available in Pure Orange and Signal White. You don’t need a party to be sure this modern and useful accessory will stand out.

modern trays with sleek handles

The At Your Service tray by Reza Feiz for phase design is a modern portable tray. The powder coated steel surround and handles perfectly compliment the white ash landing. This tray is as multi-functional as it is modern and beautiful.

For more trays and home accessory options, shop today!

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Spring Fabrics and A Fabric Lesson to Dye For

Fill all your spring fabric needs at

Fill all your spring fabric needs at And through April 20, 2013, get an additional 15% off wool embroidered silk fabrics like Concoran (shown above)! Enter code WES at checkout.


Today marks the first day of spring. With Easter right around the corner, here at InsideSeen, our thoughts are turned to dyes. But rather than give you tips on how to dye your Easter eggs, we’ve decided to give a lesson in fabric dyeing techniques.

In solution dyeing (or dope dyeing) the coloring agent is added to the liquid solution before it is extruded through the spinneret into man-made fibers. This form of coloring is most permanent. It can be economical if production is high enough, but is limited to man-made fibers.

Stock dyeing is the natural-fiber equivalent to solution dyeing and provides complete penetration, a tendency to colorfastness, and even dye lots. Stock dyeing is expensive and requires a long lead time, so it is limited to woolen fibers in heather-spun yarns.

Yarn dyeing is done in yarn, rather than fiber form. One would use beaker dyeing in a color laboratory to determine the dye formula and skein or hank dyeing, during which skeins, liquids, or both are kept in motion in a large vat. This is usually used by small or custom producers.

In package dyeing small, perforated tubes are stacked into special dye kettles so first the dye liquid, followed by the rinse bath are forced through the yard.

Piece dyeing is the most popular way of coloring fabric. It comes nearest to the end of the production cycle and closet to the point of sale. However, dense constructions or canvas may have poor dye penetration. Piece-dyed fabric occasionally shade from selvage to center or from one end to the other and can have fugitive color or result in overdyeing.

To test your new knowledge of dyeing techniques, check out some of FabricSeen’s fabrics. In bright colors, these fabrics are perfect for spring designing.

Source: Jack Lenor Larsen and Jeanne Weeks, Fabrics for Interiors: A Guide for Architects, Designers, and Consumers.

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Stay Warm with Easy-Install Fireplaces

This Wednesday marks the first day of spring and the end to the cold, stormy winter. But even with the dawn of spring, crisp and chilly days are far from over. To make sure a spring chill doesn’t ruin this lovely season, warm up your interior designs with fireplaces from EcoSmart Fire. These fireplaces are easy to install or can be left freestanding to allow for mobility. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect fireplace for your design needs is easy. And as an added bonus, the EcoSmart Fire Outlet offers these great products at up to 45% off.

Firebox 900SS easy-install fireplace

The Firebox 900 SS Fireplace is easy to install because it doesn’t require a flue, and with all the clearance work already done, it can easily fit into an existing fireplace cavity. As a bonus, the Firebox can also be built into a custom cabinet, allowing your design aesthetic to burn as brightly as the fire.

1960s-inspired indoor-outdoor fireplace

For the retro look, the 1960s-inspired Retro Fireplace will add fun and flare to any design. The glossy, bright exterior is made from weather-resistant fiberglass, stainless steel, and tempered glass, so Retro can be used both indoors and outdoors.

outdoor fireplace

Fireplaces warm any interior space, but don’t stop there. With the EcoSmart Tower Fireplace, you can warm up the great outdoors just in time for those chilly spring evenings. The Tower is inspired by the stone plinth fire features of ancient Rome, but in this modern version, powder coated steel replaces stone, and concealed storage is added to the base.

Explore more fireplace options for all your design needs at

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Design Inspiration: Barbara Barry

Last week, I attended the Design Bloggers Conference in efforts to bring you better dispatches form the modern design world. There were many inspirational speakers, designers, and bloggers at the conference, but one of the design inspiration high points was a talk by Barbara Barry in which she explained her design aesthetic and read excerpts from her book “Around Beauty.”

Barry is an artist. She showed images of interiors, products, and inspirations and spoke of her craft as an art form. Finding inspiration in nature and in the beauty she witnesses, she notices the details in the everyday and uses watercolors to bring her design to life.

design inspiration with aloe leaves and aloe leaf plates

I was so drawn to Barry’s aloe leaf plates, which were inspired by the imprints aloe leaves make on each other before they grow off the central stalk. These plates are a true testament to Barry’s desire to take the beauty in the every day and translate it into beautiful products and designs for everyday use. They remind us to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature and see it reflected in the products and designs that surround us.

design inspiration from a crowded desk

Barry’s propensity to actually notice, observe, and engage with the every day is manifest in the way she communicates her designs to clients. When she does, she starts with a white space, layering in elements of the design like a slide show. She wants her clients to digest the images and inspirations she presents so they will not only see, but also feel and understand the mood of her vision.

Malibu Beach design inspiration

Her unveiling of her vision is one that is not only worthy of consideration by designers, but also one that we should consider when designing our own living spaces. Imagine how people will feel when entering your design or your home. What mood does it set? How are favorite pieces highlighted? Take, for example, the photo above. The Malibu Beach surroundings are reflected in the cool colors, soft textures, and organic patterns used in the design.

Barry’s mantras of “mood is a world I live in and revolve around” and “beauty is always in” are evident in her designs. She creates complex designs, yet because they draw on moods reflective of their surroundings, her designs attract the viewer to them and inspire with simple beauty.

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Color Terminology and Green Fabrics

With the vibrant blooms of spring and the green-hued celebration of St. Patricks’ Day on the horizon, the importance of color – in life and in design – seems even more accentuated than usual. In honor of the holiday and the season of greenery, we’ve pulled some of our favorite green fabrics for inspiration.

You can check out even more green fabrics in our facebook album.

“Color is beauty, fashion, the key to class sales and even more to mass ones. Color is profit and loss, the darling of the industry, and an absolute nightmare,” say Jack Lenor Larsen and Jeanne Weeks in their Fabrics for Interiors: A Guide for Architects, Designers, and Consumers.

Color is a base aesthietic that everyone can understand. Whether as children or adults, everybody studies color – at least in an elementary way. As such, it is a means through which everyone can connect to interior designs. Not everyone may understand more complicated design theories, they can and do understand and connect to color. Being able to convey key color terminology is an imperative part of communicating a design. The following key terms are drawn from Larsen and Week’s Fabrics for Interiors.

Bars, color bars, bar marks, and barrés are horizontal bands extending from selvage to selvage. They may be caused by chages within the filling or by tension differential.

Bleeding is not fading but the running of one color into another. It usually occurs during washing, and sometimes in production or finishing.

Colorfastness is a resistance to fading from light, cleaning, perspiration, abrasion, or gas fumes. Because no single dyestuff is proof against all contingencies, specific dyes are selected for specific end uses.

Dry crocking is the rubbing off of excess colorants. The danger is not in the loss of inherent coloring. Wet crocking occurs when the cloth is moist.

Gas fading usually means a change–not a loss–of color. It is caused by airborne impurities such as carbon monoxide and nitrogenous oxides. Untreated acetates are particularly subject to gas fading.

Match  is a relative term that refers to the “same” color from one dye lot to another. Dyers insist on allowance for “commercial tolerance.” Sometimes this allowance is more than the purchasers care to tolerate. It is useful to consider the production lot not in terms of match to standard but in relation to other colors in the room. Sometimes these can be modified more easily than specific fabrics in question.

Metamerism, in relation to color match, refers to colors that match under one light source but not another. The wide use of florescent and neon lights has increased instances of metamerism.

Shade loosely means “color,” especially in relation to match. Fabrics may be off-shade, not off-color.

Shading is the fault of color gradation from selvage to center or from end to end.

standard or master is an approved production sample and dye forumla. Each succeeding dye lot will vary somewhat.

Shop FabricSeen today for beautifully colored fabrics and put your new color terminology to use. And now through March 31, 2012 FabricSeen is offering green fabrics at an additional 15% off our already 30% – 80% discounted  prices! Why? Because  we want you to give us a try. We are confident that you will be more than  pleased with the quality of our  goods and completely satisfied with our service. Use Coupon code GRN on green fabrics site wide!

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Redesign Your Bedroom in time for Daylight Savings Time

This Saturday marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. Unfortunately, we will loose an hour of sleep, but instead of neglecting your bedroom, try some of our bedroom redesign ideas! Using InsideSeen as you guide to fabulous designer furniture, accessories, and fabrics, creating an inviting bedroom interior has never been easier.

modern bed with sidetables The modern Monroe Bed from MODLOFT

For a truly modern look, select the Monroe Bed by MODLOFT. This sleek and stylish platform makes creating a Zen bedroom easy as child’s pose. Rest easy, the Monroe Bed is designed for your comfort and convenience. It comes complete with square backrest pillows and convenient side tables.

PCH Canopy Bed by Mash Studios - Interior Design Create an instant bedroom oasis with the PCH Canopy Bed by MASHstudios

Another way to design a cozy bedroom is with the PCH Canopy Bed by MASHstudios (click here if you missed their Product Designer Spotlight last week!). Drape this solid teak frame in any of your favorite fabrics or choose from any of FabricSeen’s drapery fabrics to add personality, style, and comfort.

Discount designer drapery fabric in finesse voile white sheer Finesse Voile Drapery Fabric in White is a simple sheer, perfect for a canopy bed.

To create the perfect bedroom getaway, we suggest draping this Finesse Voile Drapery Fabric in White shown above, or if you’re looking for an even bigger discount on designer fabrics, choose OZ, Morongo Sheer Pinstripe, and Linen Scrim Sheer. These fabrics are part of the Extreme Fabric Sale, and will be offered at an additional 20% off. But hurry, this offer only lats through March 18, 2013.

Enjoy your bedroom redesign and a good night’s sleep!

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