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Furnitureseen.com is a website dedicated to linking the design community and consumers with brick and mortar showrooms and studios featuring modern contemporary furniture design. Founders Anita Engs and Susan Reed created furnitureseen.com because they were frustrated with the amount of time and effort shoppers must devote to locating original, modern home furnishings. The site features hundreds of modern contemporary furniture products from more than 80 vendors in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami and has the goal of connecting architects, interior designers, set designers and consumers with modern contemporary home furnishings showrooms and design studios.


Furnitureseen.com doesn’t sell any furniture; it simply puts the site’s users in touch with a local modern furniture producer or seller. The site’s other key ingredient is that any product shown on the site be “modern.” Although a subjective classification at best, this qualification makes the site a rich hunting ground for like-minded consumers and design professionals. In its quest to bring it all to the buyer, furnitureseen.com has become a “great equalizer” for smaller contemporary designers by including them alongside established, well known names such as Ligne Roset, Knoll Studios, Fritz Hansen, Herman Miller, and Charles and Rae Eames.


In order to quantify the Web site’s services, Reed and Engs conducted field studies in San Francisco and New York in which they attempted to visit as many modern contemporary furniture showrooms as possible in each city. During six hours in San Francisco, the pair – who stopped only for coffee – visited 12 furniture showrooms, spent $35 in parking and covered a 10-mile radius. In a similar experiment in New York, Reed and Engs mapped out a route and decided to spend between 20 and 45 minutes in each furniture showroom. During their six hours in New York, the pair – who stopped only for a 20-minute lunch – visited 20 showrooms, took six subways and walked for miles.


The experiment Reed and Engs conducted left them exhausted, but illustrated the value of furnitureseen.com, which provides a convenient, time-effective way to shop for modern contemporary home furnishings. In one hour, customers who use the site can “visit” four cities, “shop” at more than 80 furniture showrooms and view more than 1,000 pieces of modern contemporary furniture. At furnitureseen.com, users can also e-mail showrooms to obtain additional information.

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